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Hi! My name is Rheannon Franklin. Welcome to my portfolio. Feel free to take a look around.
Scroll down to learn a little bit about me or go straight to “Projects” & “Illustrations” to see my work!

About me

– Currently employed as a software engineer at FactSet; See factset.com

B.S. in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology

December, 2022 graduate

– Strong passion for creation, learning, & problem solving

– Most proficient in Java & JavaScript

– View my resume here.

What kind of job do I look for?

One with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow as a software developer. 
I’m in the beginning stages of my career and creating something I can be proud of is important for me to feel fulfilled in my work. I want to have access to the tools and knowledge necessary to create the high quality software I know I’m capable of.

Where I work with a small, tight knit team.
I value the ability to make significant contributions to the projects I work on and build rapport with my coworkers.

Where I’m given room to express myself creatively.
I’m an imaginative with a passion for art. I enjoy being given creative liberties on the projects I work on. 

One where I can work on the software through all its layers and stages of development.
I enjoy being able to take ownership of the projects I work on and see them through to their end.

One with opportunities for growth & promotion in my career
I enjoy taking on more responsibility and taking on positions of leadership.

Where my contributions will have a significant impact on the end product. 
Knowing that my contributions played a part in making some software successful is essential for me to take pride in my work.

Am I what you're looking for?

With all my work & life experience, I’ve become well acquainted with where my strengths and weaknesses lie. These are all the words I think best describe me: 

  • Highly detail oriented & organized
    • My environment has a strong effect on me. I get frustrated with clutter and disorganization, so my tendency to keep everything arranged neatly permeates almost every aspect of my life. My spices each have their a place, my clothes are organized by color, I spent an hour deciding what background to use for this website… it has it’s pros and cons.
    • You need me to immediately make a decision, right now, this second? Ahh!! Oh no! Anything but that!
    • You need me to spend several hours on something to make it the best thing that’s ever been made? Yay, that’s my favorite thing to do!!
  • Proactive
    • I take the initiative when I see something that needs to be done or something that can be improved, as demonstrated during my time at Johnson & Johnson. If you want to see some examples – go to the “projects” page, and the scroll down to the “Work Projects” section.
  • Structured
    • Even where there is no enforced structure, I know how to make my own. I enjoy making plans, preparing, and setting up a schedule for myself.
  • Positive
    • I’m good at not letting the minor stresses in life bog me down. I enjoy building up others around me and creating a positive environment. 
  • Cooperative
    • I strive to maintain harmony within a group, enjoy assisting others, and get along well with almost all my co-workers. If I sense tensions are high or notice someone is uncomfortable with what is happening, I do what I can to ease the situation. I’m very anti-confrontational & anti-conflict, which also has its pro & cons. 
    • You need me to fire someone? I will put that off as late as possible and then cry whilst doing it.
    • You need me to help train the new hire? Of course!!
  • Futuristic & Imaginative
    • I spend a lot of time imaging the future and what it could be. I enjoy having every detail planned out.
      • My dream is to build a house in the woods and start a retirement home for kitties. I want 15 cats, minimum. 
  • Problem solver
    • I enjoy the challenge of solving a puzzle and the satisfaction I get after figuring it out. I have a knack for figuring out what the problem is and then finding the solutions.
  • Disciplined
    • I’ve had to put in a lot of hard to work to get to where I am today. For example…
      • As a child, my parents started a carpentry shop, & they had me work there throughout the summers during my elementary & middle school years.
      • My dad had me help him with various projects around the house including replacing the grass in our front yard, building a fence around our half-acre back yard, & building a chicken coop.
      • I started working at 17, moved out at 18, & I’ve worked full-time during the entirety of earning my degree so I could avoid going into debt.
      • I’ve also been weightlifting for the past four years and practicing martial arts for the past six.

Some other fun facts about me, if you’re interested:

  • I used to spend hours every day playing minesweeper in high school.
  • My favorite food is buttered spaghetti noodles dipped in apple sauce.
  • I had two pet squirrels growing up.
    • The first one drowned in our toilet :,(. RIP, Heathcliff
  • My CliftonStrengths assessment results here.