Hello! My name is Rheannon Franklin. Welcome to my portfolio. Feel free to look around.

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The “qualifications” page for…
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The “cat” page for…
– pictures of the most beautiful creature on this earth… my darling kitty

About me

  • Born and raised in the state of Georgia 
  • Born in 1999
  • Alumni of the Georgia Institute of Technology
    • one of the top 10 technology schools in the United States
  • Graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Science on December, 2022
  • An aspiring software developer
  • An imaginative problem solver
  • My hobbies include illustration, kickboxing, & weightlifting

What kind of position am I looking for and why?

As someone who worked a full time job during the entirety of getting a bachelors degree in computer science, I’ve become well acquainted with what motivates me and what type of work I enjoy. 

There have been multiple instances. 

What are my plans for the future?

My goals for my career is to…

  • to be continuously learning and improving myself as a software developer. I take a lot of pride in my ability to create. Because of that, my goal is to pro-actively look for ways to improve the quality of my work. Since I’m currently in the early stages of my career, my ideal position would expose me to a variety of different technologies so I have more tools at my disposal.  

  • become a project manager. I am a very organized, detail oriented person and I feel more confident in a leadership position. I want to create a work environment that is both structured but enjoyable, where people feel valued and comfortable presenting their ideas. I also like to have control over the outcome of the projects I work on & being able to make more significant contributions.

  • receive a sense of fulfillment from my work.  

Other things I want to do…

  • build a black, a-frame house in the middle of the woods
  • improve my skills in illustration, kickboxing, & weightlifting
  • learn a second language
  • learn how to play the piano
  • start a “Kitty Retirement Home” where I adopt old cats and let them loose in my fenced-in back yard.
    • my goal is 20 cats, minimum
  • defeat my arch nemesis, the sun
    • that retched beast torments me to no end…