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Scroll down to see some of the some of the project I’m most proud of from my time as an undergrad at Georgia Tech & working at Johnson & Johnson.

1. Portfolio Website

Let’s start off with the project you’re currently looking at – this website! I created everything using the Elementor plug in WordPress. I designed the entire theme myself – no templates used. 

2. Dungeon Crawler Game

I developed a dungeon crawler game as part of a semester-long project for my Objects & Design class (CS 2340). This was a team project. I wrote all the source code in the folder titled “Game” as well as hand-drew all the visual elements using an iPad. All code was written from scratch in an IDE. 

3. Ray Tracing Implementation

As part of a project for my Computer Graphics class, I implemented a ray tracing algorithm using Python. Ray tracing is method of rendering digital images that mimics the way real light works. A ray of light (represented by a vector) is shot through each pixel. The angle by which a ray of light leaves each pixel is calculated based on the FOV (field of vision) and the position (in x, y z coordinates) of the camera. The algorithm then iterates over each object & calculates whether the ray of light intersects with any objects. If a ray of light intersects with an object, the color is calculated based on normal vector of the object’s surface relative position to the light source.

4. Cat Animation

I coded a 3D animation using Python as part of a four-week project in my computer graphics course. Each object in the animation was generated using a conglomeration of rudimentary shapes (i.e. triangles & squares), represented by matrices. These matrices were stored as groups of arrays in memory. Those shapes were then manipulated using matrix operations in a homogeneous coordinate system that correspond to 3D geometric transformations. 

5. Calendar

I designed & implemented a calendar application as part of a semester-long project for my user interface software course. Everything has been coded in Java & Java Swing. I’ve uploaded the source code to Github here.

Some key features I implemented:

  • User ability to navigate between a “Day View” and a “Month View”. 

Day View

Month View

  • User ability to add & edit appointments, which were then displayed on each view. 

Day View

Month View

Work Projects

Below are some projects I worked as part of my time as a Product Planning & Logistics Co-Op for Johnson & Johnson. All projects were implemented using Excel & VBA.

Picking Tool

I took on an optional project of re-designing the shipping departments picking tool. 

Material Destruction Stream-lining

I was solely responsible for facilitating material destruction across our Cornelia and Athens sites. I initiated and implemented several new tools to steam-line the destruction process.