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Scroll down to see some of the some of the project I’m most proud of from my time as an undergrad at Georgia Tech & working at Johnson & Johnson.

1. Portfolio Website

Let’s start off with the project you’re currently looking at – this website! I created everything using the Elementor plug in WordPress. I designed the entire theme myself – no templates used. 

2. Dungeon Crawler Game

I developed a dungeon crawler game from scratch as part of a semester-long project for my Objects & Design class (CS 2340). This was a team project. I wrote all the source code in the folder titled “Game” as well as hand-drew all the visual elements. The game required implementation of GUI and user controls. 

3. Ray Tracing Implementation

As part of a project for my Computer Graphics class, I implemented a ray tracing algorithm using Python. Ray tracing is method of rendering digital images that mimics the way real light works. A ray of light (represented by a vector) is shot through each pixel. The angle by which is ray of light leaves each pixel is calculated based on the FOV (field of vision) and the position (in x, y z coordinates) of the camera. The algorithm then iterates over each object & calculates whether the ray of light intersects with any objects. If a ray of light intersects with an object, the color is calculated based on the position of the light(s) and the normal vector, which is calculated by taking the normal vector of the intersection between the ray & object. 

4. Cat Animation

I coded a 3D animation using Python as part of a project in my computer graphics course. The animation was implemented by creating various objects, represented by vectors, and then manipulating those objects using matrix operations. 

5. Calendar

I designed & implemented a calendar application as part of a semester-long project for my user interface software course. I’ve uploaded the source code to Github here.

Some key features I implemented:

  • If you want to see a more in-depth overview of this project, click here. 


Work Projects

Below are some projects I worked as part of my time as a Product Planning & Logistics Co-Op for Johnson & Johnson. All projects were implemented using Excel & VBA.

Picking Tool

I took on an optional project of re-designing the shipping departments picking tool. 

Material Destruction Streamlining

I was solely responsible for